Friday, August 7, 2009

Your Position No Longer Exists, So Here Are Your Replacements

Although not breaking news, the economic state of West Virginia has impacted the coal industry in more areas than their "pocketbooks" alone.
Actions are now being taken to trim the fat off our already lean workforce.
Readers of this, I give you: Massey Energy Company.
The bottom lines for the coal-giant's coffers are causing the corporate bean-counters to create a wave of layoffs and terminations that would not have been justified less than a year ago, and have had the audacity to hand out written statements saying "the position you have been filling for our company is no longer needed,” and then having those positions refilled the following business day. This was not a matter of needed discipline or cutbacks; the workers pertaining to this article were simply told that the particular position they were filling, no longer existed at their job site, until tomorrow; that last part left unknown to the prior party(s). The same as telling a veterinarian there were no longer any animals to be treated, only to have a new name on the letterhead come 6am the following morning.
I personally know of two such individuals who received this very same statement, in writing no less, handed to them not long ago and the very next day, their replacements pulled into the parking lot as if not to skip a beat, to do precisely the same job as their predecessors.
Truth be told, and it will be, the individuals that now operate the same equipment, under the same guidelines and parameters as the two men I am speaking of, were merely transfered from another Massey owned and operated mining site and they just happened to consult a few people in the higher areas of the company's management; you know it's almost comforting to know that a non-unionized company that builds its recruitment propaganda base on ideals like: "Member's First," and the like, are just as shady and behind the scenes as the rest of coorporate America. Oh, who am I kidding? A company that sustains as much flak as Massey Energy does in the media and local enviromental groups will surely have no less than 5 aces up their sleeves at all times.
Upon reading this, perhaps the people I mentioned, along with the many others this situation has undoubtedly blind-sided, will come forward and speak out on how well Massey Energy has taken care of its fellow members by simply showing that despite your hard work, long hours and personal sacrifice, your efforts are null, nepotism screams louder than merit and your livelihood now belongs to someone who pulled the right strings and called in a favor.


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